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Hi, my name is Rose!

Welcome to Yarn Craftee blog, and thank you for stopping by.

My name is Rose Obomighie (officially Bekisu Obomighie); creative designer and blogger on Yarn Craftee. I am a craft lover and doer, d.i.y dabbler, natural wellness enthusiast, I am also a wife and mother. Besides designing crochet patterns for Yarn Craftee, my other roles include managing the blog and social media channels, correspondence and marketing. Phew! that’s a lot right? Women are SUPER!

I started my first craft (crochet) blog in 2017. I named it LoopinglyMade, and shared a lot of free patterns on there. At the end of year 2020, I decided to change the blog name from LoopinglyMade to Craft-Her.

Having gained some more experience, I started fresh with Yarn Craftee in 2021. The aim is simple- to operate an inclusive community that encourages yarn crafting no matter the experience level, age or socio-economic background, and to make some money while at it; TOGETHER WE CAN CREATE MAGIC WITH YARN.

By the way, Yarn Craftee could be a adjective or a noun; depends on how you pronounce it. Of course Craftee is a coined word, lol.

Craftee-noun- a person who crafts with yarn. As pronounced in words like Trainee, Mentee etc.

Craftee-adjective- involving the making of (yarn) crafts by hand.

On this blog, you can choose to be either or both

My Favourite Patterns


Leaf Lace Shawl


Billows Vest


Reversible Carry-all Tote


Diamond Wall Hanging

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