The Best Crochet Scrubbie with Handle- Free Pattern

Hello Craftee, let me show you how to make the best crochet scrubbie with handle. What makes this crochet scrubbie so nice is that it has handles, which makes it easy to handle and use.

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The Best Crochet Scrubbie with Handle- Free Pattern

This crochet scrubbie is named Ruffles Scrubbie. I took that from the loops all over the scrubbie. Scrubbies are one of the best kinds of crochet items to use for yourself and also gift. This is an easy and quick project to do and also uses minimal yarn. You can complete several in a day, so, imagine if you were participating in a craft fair, you could make lots of these in little to no time at all.

The Best Crochet Scrubbie
The best crochet scrubbies you can make. Quick and easy crochet pattern to make. Designed by Rose Obom on Yarn Craftee.


When I first designed the Ruffles Crochet Scrubbie in 2017 it was as a face scrubbie. Over the years I have learnt a bit about skincare, and realised that using fabric like the Ruffles Crochet Scrubbie on the face may not be the best if your goal is to have lovely skin. So, I would recommend using the Ruffles Crochet Scrubbie on your body, as a sponge instead of on your face. You can also use the Popcorn Crochet Scrubbie should you prefer one that is a mitt.


The pattern uses cotton yarn (which is best for scrubbies or washcloths) because it can absorb water easily and also dry up faster than if you used an acrylic based yarn. Not only these, cotton yarns last through washes and they do not pill. Pilling is when yarn begins to roughen and have fur balls on its surface.

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– Aran weight cotton yarn; 50gr, 125mtrs or Two strands of DK weight yarn held together. See a selection of aran cotton yarns here.
– 4.5mm hook
– Needle to weave in ends

  • Stitches/Abbreviation:
  • HDC- Half double crochet
  • SC- Single crochet
  • CH- Chain
  • SL ST- Slip stitch
  • FLO- Front loop only
  • BLO- Back loop only

– Pattern is written in U.S terms
– I worked with 2 strands of yarn held together
– Ch 1 does not count as a stitch
– Ch 5 loops are worked in FLO
– HDC stitches are worked in BLO. This BLO DOES NOT refer to the 3rd loop of the HDC stitch, just the regular back loop of a stitch.


Form magic ring

Round 1: 8 HDC in ring. Sl st in first HDC (8)

Round 2: Ch 5, Sl st in FLO of same stitch, *Ch 5, Sl st in next st* repeat *to * around. Sl st in BLO of previous St. (8 Ch 5 loops)

Round 3: Ch 1, 2HDC in same stitch, 2HDC around. Sl st in first HDC (16)

Round 4: Repeat round 2 (16 Ch 5 loops)

Round 5: Ch 1, 2HDC in same stitch, HDC in next. *2HDC in next, HDC in next*. repeat * to* around. Sl st in first HDC (24)

Round 6: Repeat round 2 (24 Ch 5 loops)

Round 7: Ch 1, 2HDC in same stitch, HDC in next 2. *2HDC in next, HDC in next 2*. Repeat * to * around. Sl st in first HDC (32)

Round 8: Repeat round 2 (32 Ch 5 loops). Snip yarn, weave in tails. 

Row 1: join yarn in 2 loops at the back (these 2 loops are the back loop and the 3rd loop of the HDC stitch). Refer to this video to see how to crochet into the 3rd loop of the HDC stitch , Ch 1, SC in same stitch and next  4 sts. Ch 1, turn.
Rows 2-13: SC in each st across. Ch 1, turn. snip yarn
Sew end into 4 stitches.

Enjoy your crochet scrubbie!

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