One Skein Crochet Project- Easy Mesh Scarf Pattern

Who does not like a one skein crochet project? Especially if it is easy and results in a piece as lovely as this Mesh Scarf?

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*this pattern was previously published on, now as Ruffle Scarf Pattern/Spring Cheer Scarf. However, this is the most recent updated pattern.

One Skein Crochet Mesh Scarf-Spring Cheer Scarf

Yes, the title says it is a one skein project; and it truly is. However, if you want a project you can be proud of other than the mesh, I encourage you to add the ruffle design. The ruffle design takes the scarf up a whole notch. If you don’t care for ruffles though, take a look at the Beautiful You Scarf for a simpler, no ruffle design.

This crochet mesh scarf is also a good way to use left over yarns of the same weight. Even though this pattern calls for DK yarn, it can also be made with a worsted weight yarn and customised as long or as short as your yarn allows or you want it.

yarn choices

Don’t be afraid to explore with yarn combinations either. If you take a good look at the photo above, you will notice that the smaller skeins have a different texture to the bigger yarn skein; that is because I have mixed acrylic and cotton for the scarf. Can you guess which is acrylic and which is cotton?

This mesh scarf is easy to style with your outfits, and depending on the colour you use for the body of the scarf, it can go with most outfits.

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Finished size (after blocking)- width- 6 inches, length-57 inches


  • 290 mtrs DK yarn (cotton or acrylic) yarn. This pattern uses Hayfield Baby Changes DK; which has been discontinued. Substitute with Hayfield Baby Bonus DK Spots.
  • 20 mtrs DK yarn in 4 or 5 different colours
  • 3.5mm hook
  • Needle to weave in ends


  • SC- single crochet
  • DC- double crochet
  • HDC- half double crochet
  • ST- stitch
  • CH- chain
  • FLO- front loop only


  • Pattern is written in U.S terms
  • Ch 1 and Ch 2 at beginning of the row do not count as stitches
  • The FLO on the HDC stitch is the 3rd loop; the one loop facing you. (see photo above).



Body of Scarf

Row 1: Chain 40, SC in 2nd ch from hook, ch 2, skip 1 ch, DC in next ch, *Ch 2, skip 1 ch, SC in next, ch 2 skip 1 ch, DC in next. Repeat from * across. Ch 1, turn

Row 2: SC in 1st st, (last DC on row 1), Ch 2, skip ch 2 space, DC in next st, *Ch 2, SC in next st, C 2, DC in next st. Repeat from * across. Ch 1, turn

Rows 3-145: Repeat row 2. Ch 1, turn.

Row 146: 2HDC into each ch 2 space across, HDC in last st,. Do not snip yarn.- 39 sts.

Spring Cheer Scarf Crochet pattern by Yarn Craftee

Ruffle 1:

Row 1: Join new yarn, ch 1, in FLO (third loop), 3DC into the first, DC in next 3 sts, *3DC in next st, DC in 4 sts, repeat from * till last 5 sts, 3DC in next st, DC in next 3 sts, 3DC in last st. Ch 2, turn

Row 2: DC in 1st st, 3DC in next st, DC in 5 sts, 3DC in next st, *DC in 6 sts, 3DC in next, repeat from * till last 7 sts, DC in 5 sts, 3DC in next st, DC in last st. ch 2, turn

Row 3: DC in 1st st and each st across. snip yarn.

Ruffle 2: we will first extend the body of the scarf before making the second ruffle (see photo above). Go back to main colour on row 146, with the 2 loops of the last row facing up, insert hook into 1st st, pull out the loop and ch 2.

Row 147: DC in 1st st, DC into each of st across- 39 sts. ch 1, turn

Row 148: SC in 1st st, ch 2, skip next st, DC in next st, *ch 2, skip next st, SC in next st, ch 2, skip next st, DC in next st. repeat from * across. ch 1, turn

Row 149: repeat row 148. Ch 1, turn

Row 150: Row 146: 2HDC into each ch 2 space across, HDC in last st,. Do not snip yarn.- 39 sts.

Repeat the same steps from Ruffle 1.

Repeat rows 147-150 to extend body of scarf, repeat process to make more ruffles. Snip yarn.

Opposite side:

  • With wrong side of row 1 facing up, join yarn in 1st st, ch 1.
  • 2HDC into each ch 2 space across, HDC in last st., Do not snip yarn.- 39 sts
  • Repeat the steps from Ruffle 1 to make ruffles
  • Repeat the steps from rows 147-150 to extend the body of the scarf and make more ruffles.

Enjoy your scarf!

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  1. I really thought this pattern made a beautiful scarf. I was trying to use up some bright yellow and green Sinfonia yarn and some other fancier thin cotton yarn I had. So my main scarf was bright golden yellow with green, hot pink, golden yellow and maroon ruffles. I am very happy with it and cannot wait to show it to my crafting partners with whom I meet once a month! Thank you Rose for this pattern!

    1. I’m so glad to hear that, and if you don’t mind I’d like to see your version as well; you could tag @yarncraftee on facebook or instagram. Thank you.

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