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Hello Craftee, I am excited to share this Easy Ruana Crochet Pattern with pockets with you. I named this Crochet Ruana ‘Cover Me’; because at one point or the other in a person’s life it is a desired state of being.

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*this pattern was previously published on craft-her.com. This is the most recent updated pattern.

Crochet Ruana with Pockets-YarnCraftee

What do you imagine when you hear the words ‘cover me’? The military quickly comes to mind for me (I blame all the war and conspiracy movies I’ve seen for that. ha). And more so especially in tense circumstances when lives are at stake.

A covering provides some measure of comfort. Sometimes, peace and confidence in knowing you are not all by yourself, and that goes a long way in keeping you sane. Do you have someone in your life who keeps you covered? (And I don’t mean with clothes).

Cover Me Ruana Crochet Pattern-1

The Cover Me Ruana is a soft, warm and ‘drapey’. The addition of pockets make it an extra handy layer to have.

I designed this with YOU in mind. I want to inspire some faith in you to know that you are not alone, and that if you opened your heart you could experience tremendous comfort and hope and love, and that you have the covering you need.


Th Cover Me Ruana Crochet pattern was first designed in medium 5 weight yarn using Lion Brand homespun yarn; a self-striping variegated yarn. This produced a beautiful ‘painted’ piece. However some have mentioned that the fabric felt heavy (that is to be expected when wearing a garment made with bulky yarn and also if the garment is unblocked).

Having used a different yarn weight; aran this time, while using a six more starting chains there are differences in width of the crochet ruana. This can easily be customised following the customisation notes below.


The Cover Me Ruana is as straightforward as can be. It is made in 3 major parts- the back panel, the right front panel then the left front panel. It is made in continuum, that is, you will not be seaming any parts at the shoulders. The only sewing you will do in this pattern is the pockets and the button; which is an optional.


Due to this crochet ruana being a large project, it will certainly take some time. However, because the stitching is repetitive and easy to memorise, you may find this project flying off your hook before you know it. Give or take, if you committed fully, two to three weeks is a time frame you can expect to complete the Cover Me Ruana Crochet pattern.


You want your Cover Me Crochet Ruana to look great on you or your recipient? Block it, please block it. Blocking it loosens the stiffness and gives it some drape. It will feel smooth and less weighted after blocking and you will absolutely love wearing your Cover Me Crochet Ruana.

Two Ways You can Block it

You can throw it in the washing machine (like I did) and let it spin for a few minutes, bring it out, lay it flat and pin down (stretch it gently on the corners and sides). Or you can spray water on both sides, lay it flat, pin it (stretching it gently) and let dry.

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Finished size: 29” high/35.5” wide (after slight blocking)

Gauge: 13 DC across= 4” / 1 set of 4 rows (3DC + 1 V-stitch) = 2.5”


  • Bulky weight, medium 5 yarn. This pattern previously used Lion Brand yarn, Homespun, 170g, 185yds/169m) OR similar substitute. Colour- Herb Garden (now called Pesto)- 1,300 yds
  • This current version uses Circulo Hobby aran weight yarn
  • 6mm hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • 2 stitch markers
  • 1 wood button- optional


  • DC V-STITCH- double crochet V-st (DC, Ch 1, DC)
  • DC- double crochet
  • SL ST- slip stitch
  • CH- chain
  • RS- right side
  • WS- wrong side
  • RFP- right front panel
  • LFP- left front panel


I decided to feature the Cover Me Ruana Crochet Pattern on the UndergroundCrafter blog. It had been a long time coming, and Marie (God bless her) has has been very supportive in this craft journey. She is someone who believes in and encourages diversity and inclusion in this craft community and she has constantly reached out as a designer to support and promote other designers.

I am super glad and excited to be sharing this pattern on her blog. So, get your hook and yarn ready and go making.

When you make and wear the Cover Me Ruana Crochet Pattern, I want you to think of a loving Father who covers you on all sides. An eternal being who has your best interests at heart, covering you, protecting you, providing for you… your heavenly father.



Purchase an AD-Free version on Ravelry, Etsy or Lovecraftscom

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