Crochet Hook or Pencil Case with Cotton Yarn- Free Pattern

Ready for a quick crochet project? Why not try this crochet hook case pattern?

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Crochet Hook Pencil Case by Yarn Craftee

I originally made this crochet case for my hooks but that changed when my boys saw it and liked it. Now, they use it for their pencils and colour pencils.

This is a quick pattern to make; you can complete it in a day or take your time and finish in a weekend. Personally, I have made five of these cases; they are such nice gifts for children.

Crochet Hook or Pencil Case


You can use cotton or acrylic blend yarn for this crochet case. The first time I made this it was with a blend of cotton and acrylic yarn. I recommend acrylic/cotton blend because it is sturdier. You would not want to use a soft acrylic yarn because the stitching will feel and appear loose which will affect the overall outcome of your crochet case.


Say you have a shorter zipper or you want to make a longer case, all you need do is make a lesser or number of rows and longer number of rows for a longer case. The roto repeat are rows 9 and 10 up to the length you want. So, between rows 11 and 32 in the pattern you can stop at whichever number you want but ensure that the row ends on an even number, then continue with row 33.



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Finished Size: width- 9.5”, height- 3.3”

You’ll need:

  • 90 mtrs DK yarn in colours of choice, 50mtrs DK yarn in white for trimming. You can get your yarn here.
  • 3.5mm hook
  • Zipper (7” will do for this pattern)
  • Embroidery thread for sewing (I recommend this because it is thicker than the regular sewing thread and less prone to breaking)
  • Tapestry needle


  • SC- single crochet
  • DC- double crochet
  • CH- chain
  • SL ST- slip stitch
  • SC2Tog- SC decrease
  • Special stitchPICOTchain 3, slip stitch in 1st chain



Form Magic circle

Round 1: SC 8 in circle. Do not join

Round 2: 2SC in each st around. Join to 1st SC. Ch 1, turn- 16

Tip- if you intend to use 2 colours, make the join to 1st st with the different colour

Round 3: SC in 1st st, 2SC in next. *SC in next st, 2SC in next. Repeat from * around. Join to 1st st. Ch 1, turn- 24

Round 4:  SC in 1st st and next, 2SC in next. *SC in 2 sts, 2SC in next. Repeat from * around. Join to 1st st. Ch 1, turn- 32

Round 5: SC in each st around. Join to 1st st. Ch 2, turn

Round 6: DC in each st. around. Join to 1st st. Ch 1, turn

Round 7: SC in each st around. Join to 1st st. Ch 2, turn

Round 8: DC in each st around. Join to 1st st. Ch 1, turn

Round 9: sl st in 1st st (which is the last st on Round 8), SC in 30 sts. Ch 2, turn

Row 10: DC in 30 sts. Ch 1, turn

Rows 11-32: repeat rows 9&10, at the end of row, Ch 1, turn

Row 33: SC in 30 sts, Ch 2 (without twisting), join to 1st st. Ch 2, turn.

Round 34: DC in 1st chain and next, DC in 30 sts, join to 1st st. Ch 1, turn

Round 35: SC in 32 sts around. Ch 2, turn

Row 36: DC in 32 sts around. Ch 1, turn

If are using 2 colours for the purse, change yarn before the next row

Round 37: repeat round 35. Ch 1, turn

Round 38: *SC in 2 sts, SC2tog in next. Repeat from * 7 times. Join to 1st st. Ch 1, turn

Round 39: *SC in 1 st, SC2tog in next. Repeat from * 7 times. Join to 1st st. ch 1, turn

Round 40: SC2tog 8 times. Join to 1st st. Do not turn

Round 41: SC in 8 sts. Join to 1st st. snip yarn, weave tails.

Trimming- with white

If you are using the same yarn weight and doing the same thing in this pattern, follow as written. However, if you are customizing this case, chain an even number, after row 1, place your trimming at the edge of the opening (without stretching) to make sure it is the same length as the opening. If it is more, note the length of the opening row 1 of the trimming. If it is less, make more starting chains.

Row 1: chain 32, SC in 2nd ch from hook and across. ch 1, turn.

Row 2: SC in 1st st, *Ch 3, skp 1 st, SC in next. Repeat from * across. Ch 1, turn

Row 3: SC in Ch 3 space, * Picot, Ch 1, SC in next space. Repeat from * across.

Snip yarn, weave tails.

Sew Zipper

Sew zipper and trimming to purse simultaneously. Place zipper inside the case and the trimming outside the case and sew.

Crochet Case

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